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It's Time for After School Science Club

Our increasingly popular After School Science Club is available during the Fall and Spring semesters for budding young scientists.  Science Club students will learn about nature, insects, plants, ecosystems, make crafts, and much more.

After School Science Club is held every Tuesday from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm for 12 weeks.

The Fall session will begin on Sept 15, 2015 and run through December 8, 2015 (12 weeks).  There will be no Science Club on Tuesday, November 24th.  

Registration is $50 for a members and $110 for non-members.  (Family membership is $50.)

Pay for Science Club here:


Please call 407-905-0054 for more details or email us at

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We are an official Site Manager on the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail!

If you find an injured bird or wildlife please review this important notice!

Current Maintenance Needs

Below is a list of items that currently need attention at the Preserve.  Please notify the Director if you plan to begin working on any of these items.

  • Trim the tree branches away from security cameras 3 & 5 in the parking lot.
  • Affix a memorial plate to one of the rocking chairs (In Memory of Dr. Clarence Robbins).
  • Move old reptile case (in the office) to the storage shed or fish cabin.
  • Replace a single board on the boardwalk near marker #220 (to replace the wood patch).
  • Overgrown vegetation needs to be cut back on Boardwalk at marker #280.
  • Mona's Garden sign needs to be put up (sign is in the office, wooden frame and backing are in the Fish Cabin).
  • The 'Sandhill Restoration Project' sign needs to be repaired and put back up (located in the office).
  • Install Video Surveillance sign at boardwalk pavillion.
  • Wooden Nature Trail sign needs to be put back up.
  • The turtle pen behind the Education Center needs new shade cloth on top to prevent debris from dirtying up the water.
  • Grass going into Sinkhole area is too overgrown to walk into the sinkhole trail.
  • Repair/replace shed door lock (Charlie is working on this item).
If any of these items have been completed, please email to have this list updated.

Current Supply Needs

Below is a list of items currently needed at the Preserve.  Please email if you would like to donate any of these items.

Office Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Wildlife Supplies
Tape Dispenser Pegs
Turtle Scale
Avery Labels (#5160)
Magic Erasers
Turtle Hide Boxes (2)
Small Manilla Envelopes
Damp Rid
Swiffer Duster
Large Clorox Wipes
Gallon Zip Lock Bags

Potential Scout Projects

Below is a list of possible scout projects.  Please email if you would like to sign up for any of these projects.

•       Wooden shelves above the sink and counter in the office.
•       Large bulletin board & white board combo for posting current events and daily docent instructions to the left of "Mule Bits" (Education Center).
•       Repair or recreate the Honor Forest case at the entrance to the Boardwalk.
•       Amon Pavilion Kiosk on West Orange Trail: add wood frames around outside of aluminum kiosks to prevent vandals from prying kiosks open.

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